Our Vision

Jimmy G’s Pit Smoked Barbeque is real-deal barbeque. We have a passion for doing barbeque right. But we’re more than just another restaurant. We’re more than just a business. We’re also about raising money and raising awareness for some things that are important to Jimmy G’s.

A part of the proceeds from our business go to help local and international efforts of social justice: things like feeding the poor and helping the marginalized (like women rescued from the sex slave trade).

Yes, we’re a business and yes, we’re as serious about making good barbeque as they come. But there’s more to us than that. We’re about making a difference in the world. So, a portion of the proceeds from each slab of ribs and each sandwich—each and every meal we sell—goes to making the world a little bit better place. So eat up! It just might be one of the best ways you can beat hunger!