Our Menu

We’re scratch-makin’ about everything that we can. You’ll not see much of anything frozen enter our place. No, we’re not organic but we are intent on using the best products we can.
Understand, it takes us 24 hours to marinate and brine our meat. Our pulled pork and brisket are in the smoker for 12 hours; most of our other meats take about half that time.



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Additional Items


Other items include Daily Soups, Salads with a Jimmy G’s twist, and Fresh Baked Pies! One of these days you just might experience Salmon and Pastrami how God meant them to taste. Like other real barbequers, Jimmy G’s make our very own rubs and sauces. Why, we even make our own hot sauce! We have an assortment of sauces to accommodate folks’ tastes—from sweet and mild to those who like it a little more wild.